Our 40 million monthly visitors and Quantcast Top 50 U.S. domain ranking prove that Legacy.com is the #1 online destination for death and funeral service-related information online. You’re already benefitting from a targeted audience of qualified traffic for your site through our funeral home directory and obituary information pages. But, we can do so much more for you.

Real Results: The Pre-Need Module’s Proven Track Record for Driving Pre-Need Leads

The death of a loved one often prompts people to start thinking ahead to their own funeral arrangements. As part of our greater initiative to increase value for our users and our funeral home partners, Legacy built a pre-need module into the design of our premiere obituary platform, Next Generation Obituary (NGO). The module, located in the right side-rail of your NGO obituary pages, drives users directly to your funeral home’s pre-planning page to generate funeral homes pre-need leads.

It really works. Data proves how much Legacy’s users are interested in pre-planning. In fact, nearly half of the clicks to funeral homes’ websites from Legacy came via the pre-need module. If your newspaper is using our NGO obituary format, make sure you are taking advantage of your Pre-Need module by sending us your pre-planning page link today.

In a newspaper with over 10,000 obituaries in 2017, on average every obit had:

In a newspaper with over 2,400 obituaries in 2017, on average every obit had:

In a newspaper with over 11,000 obituaries in 2017, on average every obit had:

In a newspaper with over 500 obituaries in 2017, on average every obit had:

Take Advantage of Your Pre-Need Module Today

If your newspaper is using the NGO obituary platform, take advantage of your free pre-need module and start receiving your pre-need leads today. It’s easy: just fill out the form to the right with your pre-planning link, and we’ll set it up for you.

If the pre-need module isn’t currently available through your newspaper, you can still use Legacy’s large audience to expand your brand exposure by:

  1. Leveraging your newspaper obits to improve your SEO.
  2. Providing your newspaper with detailed information about the location of your homes.
  3. Getting a premium obituary through our Funeral Home Local Spotlight program.
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