As part of an ongoing initiative to find new ways to bring value to funeral home partners and increase their market share, Legacy has created a pre- and at-need leads program through the Legacy Funeral Home Directory. French Funerals & Cremations, one of Albuquerque’s largest and oldest family-owned funeral service companies with five locations across Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, was an early-adopter of the new program and has since seen a $16,000 increase in revenue within one month of starting the program. While French Funerals is well-established and has been around since 1907, they’re always looking for new ways to promote their services to area families and that’s what prompted them to sign up for the Leads Program on August 15, 2017. The new Leads Program includes 3 key components:
  1. Premium Listing: Lets you personalize your listing in Legacy’s online Funeral Home Directory to include what’s unique about your home with direct links to your services; Legacy has the #1 visited funeral directory online.
  2. Pre-need Leads: Delivers quality leads from the lead form on your Premium Listing, which potential customers use to request pre- and at-need information.
  3. Call Tracking: Keeps track of how many people call your business from your Legacy.com personalized listing number, so you can track your total calls against your closed sales.

Turning Pre-Need Leads into Revenue with the Lead Generation Program

Within the first month of signing up for the program, French Funerals received its two pre-need leads from Legacy.com.
“We’re always looking to generate pre-need leads, especially online. And, while we weren’t sure what would happen, Legacy.com has delivered – and continues to deliver –new and qualified leads from their new leads program. In fact, we just wrote two $8,500 prepaid contracts from one of the program’s leads! Legacy works hard to prove their value to funeral homes and this is a perfect example of how they’re getting it done.” Glenn Rosenbaum

Vice President, French Funerals & Cremations

With more than 2.3 million visitors every month, there are more people visiting the Funeral Directory on Legacy.com than any other funeral home directory online. Take advantage of this exposure by upgrading to a Premium Listing via the lead generation program and turn those visitors into qualified leads that drive additional revenue for your business and increase your market share. To learn more about the new lead generation program, email [email protected].

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