As part of Google’s ongoing effort to best serve the end user, the company has implemented various changes as to how it calculates and delivers search engine results. Its latest update, scheduled to roll out starting on April 21st, focuses on improving the user experience for those who use search on mobile devices. This update will effectively penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly in searches conducted on mobile devices. This means that if your funeral home website is not mobile-friendly, it will no longer show up on mobile search results.

Why mobile?

From a survey conducted among Internet users ages 16-64, Global Web Index found that 80% personally own a smartphone and 47% own a tablet.

In 2014, the global number of global mobile users exceeded that of desktop users. Google also saw the volume of mobile search traffic overtake desktop search traffic. It’s clear that users are utilizing search more and more on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Why is this important?

Your funeral home website serves as your digital storefront on the Internet. Families increasingly use search engines and mobile devices to look for information. You can better serve them by making it easy to find you online.

Google’s penalty for non-mobile-friendly websites could lead to the following:

    • Lower rank on SEO in mobile searches
    • Less traffic, especially if a large portion of your web traffic comes from search
    • Confusion amongst your families and those looking for funeral services (since your site will no longer listed in mobile searches)

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Use this free online tool from Google to see how Googlebot sees your site. If you see a green “this page is mobile-friendly” result, you’re good to go! If you see a red “not mobile-friendly” result, make sure to contact your website provider to see what they can do for you.

Read more about this change on the official Google Webmasters blog.