Obituary: a notice of a death, a micro-biography of the deceased, a celebration of life

Obituaries have been, and continue to be, an important part of how families spread the news of a death and grieve the loss of a loved one. They also supply valuable information as the community comes together and prepares to honor the deceased.

Based on Google Analytics data, obituary pages receive 70 million unique visits each month. In order to understand those visitors, and to provide them with the best experience possible, our analytics team has conducted observations and analyses about how users interact with obituaries.

Who’s reading online obituaries?

During Part 1 of our Understanding SEO series, we shared that there are two core types of users on Browsers and Mourners.

Browsers are users who have a habit of checking obituaries. They may read the obituary section in their local newspaper or funeral home website regularly, and sign up for notifications for obituaries that have certain key words. Browsers are dominantly over 65 years old.


Mourners are users in need of information regarding a recent death. They are family and friends of the deceased looking for an obituary, service information and ways to send condolences, flowers or memorialize their loved one. Mourners have a peak age of 35-45.


What does this mean for your funeral home?

As we shared before, Batesville has found that Mourners make up 80% of funeral home website visitors. This means that the overwhelming majority of the users who visit your funeral home site are looking for specific information related to a recent death. What are you doing to help them find the information they need?

What can you do?

Here are several practices that you can employ on your own website to ensure that you’re offering your families the best online experience:

  • Post obituaries on your website as quickly as possible
  • Make the obituary section of your website prominent so users can easily find it from the home page
  • Keep archives online so people can find obituaries in the future

Obituaries on have been developed to prominently feature your funeral home and services. Next Generation Obituary even features three links that go directly to your website. Learn more about the products we offer under the opportunities tab.

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