This is Part 5 of 6 in a Search Engine Marketing webinar series by Kim Evenson, Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy. The webinar in its entirety can be found here.

One way to use your knowledge about Googlebot to get visitors to your website it so understand what people are looking for on search. Below is a downloadable list of the most popular funeral home search terms.


These search terms add up to nearly 500,000 searches in the United States each month. By knowing the search terms that people are using, you can add content to your website that addresses some of these questions.

Who is looking for funeral home information?

As the video above explains, the biggest area people engage with regarding funeral homes and funeral information is with the online obituary. Based on the information we have working with thousands of funeral homes and newspapers, we have identified two types of online obituary readers:

    1. Mourners – people actively looking for a single obituary
    2. Browsers – people looking at multiple obituaries


How do I say it?

The best way to answer any kind of question is to understand how and why they are asking. By looking at the search terms people are using when conducting a Google search, you can cater the information on your site to match the most closely with how people are asking their questions. A great free tool to use is Google Trends. This tool will show you the search terms and their popularity over time and across geographic areas. Give it a try at

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Kim Evenson

Chief Marketing Officer

Kim oversees marketing for Legacy with a strong focus on client success and the delivery of best-in-class relationship management and customer service.

Before joining, she served most recently as CMO of Retrofit and before that as SVP of Marketing for She spent most of her early marketing career at Kraft Foods, growing from Assistant Brand Manager to Director of Health & Wellness. Her experience also includes roles at Peapod, Starbucks, H.E. Butt Grocery and consulting for fitness retail, new product development and online marketing.

Kim is an expert in online marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing strategy.