Many activities that traditionally take place in a brick-and-mortar building now take place online – banking, shopping and even dating. Your families are also looking online for information about funeral services, and your website serves as your digital storefront. Are you placing enough emphasis on what your website can do for your business?

Users say websites are important:

When you take special care to make a family’s experience pleasant and smooth once they walk through your doors, it enhances their experience with your funeral home. To serve your families online, the same philosophy applies: Take special care to enhance your visitors’ experiences from the moment they reach your site.

Even in the digital world of search engine optimization (SEO), the human user is king. Instead of trying to guess the next move of big Web players such as Google, stay focused on your visitors. You may find that your efforts to serve your families online will naturally fall in line with changes that search engines are making. Yes, it’s still important to be aware of how Google determines rank across similar websites. But at the end of the day, if you focus on your families’ online experiences, you will also reap the benefits of higher online rankings.

Know Who’s Visiting Your Website

This vector illustration shows the three types of funeral home website users: mourners, at-need arrangers and pre-need planners.

As we shared before, there are three main types of users on funeral home websites:

      1. Mourners: those who need information regarding a recent death (makes up 80 percent of funeral home website visitors).
      2. At-Need Arrangers: families with an immediate need for funeral home services.
      3. Pre-Need Planners: customers who are interested in making advance funeral arrangements for themselves or a loved one.

When you know who’s visiting your site, you can assess what the experience of using your website is like for each type of visitor. Ask yourself: Can each type of visitor find what they’re looking for easily?

Three Ways to Enhance Your Website

Here are three simple strategies you can employ to enhance people’s experiences on your funeral home website:

    1. Simplify your navigation.

      Treat your navigation as the road signs that lead to your website’s pages. Make your navigation as simple and clear as possible to make it easier for your users to find information. If visitors can’t find the information they want on your website, it effectively doesn’t exist on your site.

      How do you simplify your navigation? Take some time to think about how to group the pages and information on your site. Make sure the way your information is categorized makes sense to visitors.

    2. Keep your information up to date.

      One easy way to serve your families with your website is to keep information up to date. For Mourners, make sure obituaries are published on your site in a timely manner and service information is easily accessible. For At-Need Arrangers and Pre-Need Planners, keep your funeral offerings and pricing lists up to date. Maintaining the information on your site and updating it regularly will help build trust and credibility for your home.

    3. Ask for your community’s input.

      What do families find frustrating about your website? The best way to know the answer to that question is to ask them. Request feedback about your website from the people who visit it to get the most accurate perspective on what’s working and what’s not. Based on their responses, you can make changes to your website to improve the user experience. This is also a great way to engage with your community and show them you care.

Be sure to consult with your website provider to start the conversation about how to make your website easier to use and about what they can do for you.

For further reading, check out Orbit Media’s guide on website navigation best practices and Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

Download the Quick Guide to Funeral Home Users here or by clicking the image below.

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